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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yesterday's top picks and today's free pick: HK

Congratulations to Catalyst Stocks members who traded these stocks yesterday!

MGH was up nearly 63% after our alert. Minco Gold Corporation announced the discovery of a large gold zone on its 100% owned property. even commented on our pick of Cost Plus (CPWM): "Cost Plus 30.4% HIGHER; continuing higher over the $2 level today. Volume remains heavy. Shares surged almost 50% last week. We are not hearing any news that would justify the recent upside momentum."

Although was "not hearing any news that would justify the upside momentum"; the Catalyst Stocks system identified CPWM as a pick for 3/9! What a great pick up nearly 30%.

You can only get these daily picks with Catalyst Stock pick service.

1MGHUp Arrow62.64%
2CPWMUp Arrow28.02%
3EDAPUp Arrow20.87%
4ZNHUp Arrow16.61%
5FRPTUp Arrow14.05%

Today's free stock pick is:

Petrohawk Energy Corporation


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Today's free pick FRPT is up over 14%! Force Protection's fourth-quarter profit climbed 57% on improved margins and higher sales, especially in its modernization, spares and sustainment businesses. Shares jumped as the military-vehicles maker's results topped Wall Street's expectations.

Congratulations to those Catalyst Stocks members who traded our top picks yesterday!:

1NCSUp Arrow452.63%
2TEARUp Arrow236.07%
3ZOOMUp Arrow28.20%
4ROSGUp Arrow17.22%
5CLWRUp Arrow13.59%

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